Character ClassesEdit

There are 15 different character classes in Akarra in three major categories.

The Fighter class has 7 different end classes: Paladin, Commander, Ranger, Sword Dancer, Executioner and Shadow. The 7th class hasn’t been finished yet (currently Highwayman).

The Priest class has 4 different end classes: Shaman, Druid, Restorer and Priest.

The Mage class has 4 different end classes: Elementalist, Sorcerer, Black Reaper and Lord/Lady of the Lich.

You start out in a class called mundane which mean you have not yet decided which progression you will follow. Once you meet certain requirements, you can advance to a higher class. Once you have chosen a category and changed to either Neophyte (for Priest class), Fighter (for Fighter class) or Apprentice (for Mage class), you cannot undo this. At this point, you will get to redistribute your Attribute Points all over. This means that while you are Mundane, it doesn’t matter that much if you experiment with your APs a bit. But careful, you only get to redistribute them once when you change from Mundane. Never again though.

So before you leave the Mundane status, make sure you know which class you want to play because if you want to play a Fighter for example, putting any APs into Intelligence would be a waste of your precious APs (you only get 650 of them in total).

If you click on Character(F2) in Akarra, then Change Class you will see a Class Tree. This gives you some basic information about each class and the intermediate stages.

Now each player likes to balance his character a little different so there is no rule as to “how to make the perfect elementalist/necromancer/paladin...”